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Cost - $185 or $210 with cards

Rainbow Oracle Workshop

Meet the new Archetypes of Light featured in the deck & tap into these emerging energies within yourself to meet your greatest potential. 

Includes lunch & refreshments

The Rainbow Oracle Workshop ( next wkshp date to be confirmed)

Time-  10.30am - 4.30pm

Introductory Workshop Video 

If you missed the last workshop & you'd like to attend the next one please email Jasmine your interest.

6hr workshop with the Rainbow Oracle Cards. Explore how to use this high vibrational deck by the Author that created them.  

Learn how to read the cards, tap into your intuition, share fun & interactive sample readings & intuitive guidance. Explore & access the many windows of inspiration within these light encoded images & their channelled messages from the Rainbow Councils of light, for healing, insight & awareness. 

Meditation, clearing energy & protection, Chakra activation, interpretation of messages, navigating with subtle energies & symbolic signs, healing with the Archetypes who are they & how are they emerging in you as gateways to higher consciousness, Art of using Oracle Cards & how you can apply this to any oracle deck & more...

Please bring note book, pen, bottle of water, & your own deck of Rainbow oracle cards (can purchase cards at the workshop)

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL! - Contact Jasmine to reserve your place in the workshop limited numbers